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Miami Ad School offers two types of training for our corporate partners. We have a selection of pre-designed courses that are popular with a wide variety of brands and agencies. These are courses that can be taken as a stand alone course, or grouped together to form a longer training workshop. We offer these courses at all 14 of our global locations or on-site at your offices. Please contact us to set up a selection of open courses for your team.

Miami Ad School / Open Workshops:

  • Type Journey (Type)
  • Vector Imaging (Illustrator)
  • Studio Photography
  • Experiments in Digital photography.
  • Word Smithing (Copywriting)
  • Short Cuts (Video content development)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Visual Impact (Art Direction)
  • Interactive Concepting
  • Social Media
  • Brand Called You (Personal development)
  • Sound Bite (Sound design and engineering)
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Imaging (Photoshop)


We Specialize in Strategic & Creative Transformation Based on Your Company’s Needs.

Miami Ad School can also design bespoke workshops for brands and agencies. These are as short as a half a day and as long as a week in duration. These would be appropriate for groups of at least 6. Some of the more popular offerings in this custom category in the past year are listed below:

  • Crash course in Creative Brief Writing
  • How to sell your Idea (Presentation skill development)
  • Account Planning Crash Course (Understanding Consumers)
  • Human Centric Design
  • Crash Course in Digital Strategy
  • Design Thinking 101
  • Presentation Skills for Ad People
  • Agile methodology for creatives / Agile ideation
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We Specialize in Strategic & Creative Transformation Based on Your Company’s Needs.

In addition, Miami Ad School often designs and hosts corporate “inspiration” courses. These are scheduled at the Main Campus in Miami or at a farm that the school owns in Northern Georgia.

Some courses that we have hosted for brands and agencies:

Photographic/Start up Safari through Wynwood
This is a one day course. In the morning, students are taught the basics of photography translated for smart phones. The afternoon is spent walking and photographing the amazing street art in the Wynwood innovation district. The tour also includes a visit to the Miami Lab and a presentation from a Miami based startup. The group then returns tot he Miami Ad School campus for a lecture on bow to transform your team/company’s culture with the inspirational start-up mindset.

Evaluating Great Creative
In this one day course, brands are walked through a series of presentations that assist brand managers, account staffers and any other non-creatives in understanding how to facilitate an environment that is fertile for the development of great creative. This is also offered to brands and agencies that want to strengthen their relationship and work toward a a combined cause of creating better, more effective, award winning creative. Miami Ad School brings in an agency and brand with an especially good relationship to lead this course.

Documentary Photography and Video
The town of Clayton, Georgia becomes the rich subject matter for your exploration into the world of documentaries. Clayton is located in the northwest Georgia mountains, this quaint, quintessentially America town is filled with the kinds of stories that have inspired writers, photographers and documentarians for decades. Couple the population of Clayton with the local color of changing of the seasons and/or the natural spender of the waterfalls and mountains and you have the makings of memorable experience. This particular workshop is taught by a pulitzer prize winning photographer.

Your Custom Series
Miami Ad School is a engine of creativity - we can design a workshop or inspirational series that will solve your business challenges while creating a memorable event for our staff. Miami Ad School can develop a solution to any training need that might arise during the year and would collaborate with your brand or agency on the development of the course curriculum. These are effective for solving training needs, inspiration or team building efforts.


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