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Miami Ad School Reviews

How good is Miami Ad School?

I was one of the initial clients during my time as CMO at Wendy's. To put it simply, the quality of the thinking, level of creativity, passion and drive for insight was nothing short of remarkable. The students displayed experience well beyond their years.

Ian Rowden
Partner and Chief Marketing Officer
at The Virgin Group

Simultaneously the most hectic, intense, stressful, rewarding, exciting and illuminating three months of my life. If not for MAS, I wouldn't have ended up at an awesome agency in NYC. You get out of it what you put into it, but you're given all the tools you need to succeed.

Kevin Murray
at Naked Communications

“The old cliché rings particularly true for MAS students: you get out of it what you put into it. Without exception, those I met while as a student who fully, fearlessly devoted themselves are now the ones who are sought after by the industry’s most respected agencies. The ad industry is fueled by young talent, and nowhere is that talent grown, tested, and polished better than at Miami Ad School.”

Omid Farhang
Chief Creative Officer
at Momentum Worldwide

“ This place is going to change how you perceive advertising. This place is going to teach you what advertising is. This place is going to change the way you think for the rest of your life. This place is going to make you smarter, kinder, and a better person. This place is going to teach you that having pure talent means nothing without the hard work. This place is going to teach you that hard work will trump talent every single time. This place is going to make you independent. This place is going to give you real world experience. This place is going to give you new family. This place is going to give you innumerable special friends for life. This place will turn your life around. This place is going to be your home. All I’m saying is when you learn, you've got to learn from the best there is. I have had the best 2 years of my life here. Thank you Miami Ad School. I am forever indebted to your graciousness.”

Rajath Ramamurthy
Art Director
at Ogilvy & Mather New York

Great place to work at, I've been a professor here for over 5 years now and it's been the most fulfilling experience of my life, working with great human beings, building the most talented people in the industry and growing fast but steady. If you want to be the best in the world in our field the Miami ad school is the place to go to.

David Uribe
CMO/CO-Founder, smartBeemo LLC and
at Asylum Marketing Global VP/Creative Director

I really enjoyed teaching the course. I was impressed in particular with how much hands-on experience the students were able to get in addressing real life social media assignments and pitching their work. The group setting, the deadlines and the face to face feedback with agency leaders are all a great way of getting conditioned for a career in social media.

Liz Caradonna​
Vice President, Digital Strategy
at Social@Ogilvy

Every one of those ten teams had something that we could actually go and do tomorrow. So, I would strongly recommend Miami Ad School.

Richard Burjaw
Vice President Brand, Category Marketing, and Food Service
at Starbucks

Miami Ad School is in my opinion at the top of its class. This is clear by the number of talented students that go on to work at top agencies around the world as well as the number of awards that they win, not only at the student level, but as professionals. I am honored to teach at such an institution and love contributing to the Ad community.

Ramon Branger
at Branger_Briz​

The program forces you to be human. To be exhausted to the point that you can't hide behind egos and jargon. The reality of this industry is that it is changing quickly and exponentially. The best lesson I learned is a mindset: no matter what, keep yourself human because your work is an extension of yourself.

Sam Joseph
at Union St

It was a pleasure working with the students at MAS within their Innovation Lab. We gave a brief to the students related to a crisis situation that we, within the Social & Civic Media Section at UNICEF, knew we needed to tackle in a way that created awareness on a situation that few knew about, especially within the western world. Not only was the program incredibly structured and reliable, but the ideas that approximately 30 teams came up with were creative, forward thinking and useful.

Nicholas Ledner
Social Media Research, Trends & Outreach Coordinator

Miami Ad School changed everything for me. It gave me entry into a world full of creative excellence, incredibly talented people to learn from and a platform to do my best and shine.

Rajivi Rao
Copywriting Student
at Miami Ad School

"Miami Ad School is incredible in many ways. For me, as a senior copywriter, the school was an intensive boot camp program, where I learned how to lead, manage and inspire a bunch of young creatives. Working as a team, we won many awards and had a lot of fun together. In fact, I believe that I learned more than taught in those few years. To cut a long story short, after one year teaching and coordinating the school here in Rio, I’ve been promoted to Creative Director at FCB Brasil."

Daniel Brito
Creative Director
at FCB Brazil

An ad school that has wide recognition in the industry, learning from the best in the field, expanding your network to a worldwide audience, the experience of living in south beach for three months... it's an awesome mix that I'm glad I was a part of!

Wesley-Anne Rodrigues
Marketing Planner
at ZoomerMedia Limited

Los roles de profesor y alumno se intercambian constantemente. Es dificil esclarecer quien acaba aprendiendo mas. Quizas, por esto mismo "Miami Ad School” ademas de ser una escuela, se ha convertido en un punto de encuentro ineludible para cualquiera que gravite en la orbita de la comunicacion.

Alfonso Gonzalez
Director de Planificacion Estrategica
at Arena Media Communications España

Miami Ad School is the best way to start a career in the ad industry since, from day one, you're exposed to industry professionals and creatives from around the world who inspire you to climb higher.

Roberto Gudino
Marketing Strategist and Content Creator
at Florida International University

Miami Ad School means hope. They give me the faith and confidence that I need to succeed in a career in the advertising world. Miami Ad believed in my ability to learn and create great work. I don't plan on letting them down!

Tairi Ortiz
Art Direction Student
at Miami Ad School

The three months spent in the Account Planning Boot Camp has probably been the best investment I have made in my life. The time there was intense and guided at the same time. The faculty was a distinct set from the best the industry has to offer. I made ties that seem to go on forever. The lessons are ingrained for a lifetime and the opportunities with the MAS badge keeps opening new passage ways.

Pooja Munshi
Senior Account Manager
at Strawberry Frog

MAS was the best thing I could have done. I learned from talented industry professionals in class and traveled to amazing cities for hands-on experience at great agencies. Having this experience has proven to be invaluable. Being immersed in integrated thinking and pop-culture has strengthened my conceptual abilities and portfolio. I also hung out with amazing like-minded people that are now some of my best friends. I am so thankful to have experienced all of this.

Katrina Mustakas
Art Director
at Deutsch

I've been close to the the Miami AdSchool since 20 years. We housed creative teams in Chicago for many years, same in some European places - all with brilliant success. It's the first school on earth that creates the global creative person, fresh, open, reaching for the stars, breaking through the tyranny of the average, aiming for setting new standards. I'd like to encourage involvement and support for this passionate, intelligent school. Michael Conrad (former CCO of Leo Burnett Worldwide and now president and co-founder of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership)

Conrad Michael
at Berlin School of Creative Leadership

The boot camp reminds me of the Star Wars scene, when Luke and Leia are stuck in the trash compactor, seconds away from being crushed. They're tested to the limit but they don't give up. You will use all your energy to push against invisible barriers and your faith in your talent will be tested the whole time. But that's part of the training of a Planning Jedi. I am only here today because I was in the tough, intense, and damn inspiring planning boot camp.

Irina Tone
at TBWA\Worldwide

How good is Miami Ad School? Good? No. Amazing? Yes. An icon of our Industry Miami Ad School continues to provide great recruits that are really up to date and culturally astute.

Darren (Daz) McColl
Global Chief Brand Strategy Officer
at SapientNitro

You guys have done an amazing job and any agency would envy the culture and ideas that are nurtured everyday at the school.

Patricio Sanchez
Associate Creative Director
at Digitas LBi

We know when we get interns from Miami Ad School that they are ready to go on day one. That's where a lot of the value comes from and that's why I wanted interns from Miami Ad School. I want them part of the team right away.

Tyler DeAngelo
Executive Creative Director
at Havas Worldwide

"I wish I had gotten involved with Miami Ad School two years ago. My life would have been a lot easier!"

Mathias Alpert
Chief Digital Officer
at Ogilvy & Mather Latina

I wish I had gotten involved with Miami Ad School two years ago. My life would have been a lot easier!

Mathias Alpert
Chief Digital Officer
at Ogilvy & Mather, Latina

MAS is a school of self expression. I always knew that I wanted to write but only after I joined MAS was I able to unleash the writer within me, the one that I identify with today.

Anish Easwar
Copywriting Student
at Miami Ad School

Me siento un privilegiado por poder haber contribuido a ensenar lo que se de publicidad digital a los alumnos de la Miami estos dos ultimos años.

Edu de la Herran
Art Director/ Creative
at Kastner & Partners

I went to MAS right after undergrad and it was a pivotal point in starting my career. I met my copywriter partner the very first day and now, three years later we are still a team and working professionally. While attending MAS, we got to travel the world, gain invaluable insights into a global culture and intern doing REAL work the entire time. We not only grew our book into a portfolio we could get hired with, we gained an entire network of industry pros, connections and friends.

Alicia Benz
Kastner & Partners
at Art Director/ Creative

How do you define the success rate of an advertising school? Is it job placement or execution of student ideas? The Miami Ad School checks off all of these in stride. But there's more. In my opinion, there is a tangible factor at play that defines just how good the Miami Ad School is. In short, it is the relationships that students build with their teachers which are real industry experts throughout the advertising community. Here is where you can accurately gauge just how good the Miami Ad School is on a deeper, more meaningful, level. Students build relationships with their mentors and teachers that extend them the opportunity to experience the development and implementation of ideas with feedback from actual leaders. These ideas go on to make impacts, if not impressions, on these very teachers that more often than not leads them to find job placement in the industry. It is quite tricky to explain but in essence Miami Ad School is a family. Our students are close to us and us to them, we're always guiding them, and we are proud of the ideas/concepts that they conceive in our campuses. These relationships are the foundation for the success of our students.

Carlos Roncajolo
Head of Digital
at Cheil Worldwide

What I like about Miami Ad School students is that they are very well trained on solving real problems with creative solutions.

Alex Schill
Global Chief Creative Officer & Partner
at Serviceplan

When you leave family, friends, relationships and everything you love behind to pursuit a dream it is scary. You throw yourself into a world you don't know but being at Miami Ad School made it easier. There will never be enough words to describe my experiences here because it moulded me into a human first, a creative second.

Tosan Matthews
Copywriting Student
at Miami Ad School


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