Xmas Roulette

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Soham Chatterjee

Rajivi Rao

Margarita Cardenas



Who doesn't like gift vouchers during Christmas? In fact a lot of us would rather trade them for gifts. Well, we can buy what we want. But once redeemed, we are often left with an insignificant amount which isn't enough for an additional purchase, leaving us with two options. Either let it go or add some more cash to it. But what if there was a way to use this small left over amount for something big in return? Enter - Macy's Xmas Roulette.

This promotional campaign created by a team of two copywriting students and one art direction student, received the almost impossible to achieve, Grand Clio Award. An award that represents the maximum level of excellence granted by the world's leading creatives.

Watch the moment when Soham Chatterjee, Margarita Cardenas and Rajivi Rao received the Grand Clio and know you can also achieve the impossible by following your dreams.


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