Balls of Pride

A social media campaign created to amplify the voice of the LGBT community by using straight men


Matilda Kahl

Jacob Sempler


Young Guns
Future Lion
Bees Social Media

Straight men avoid publicly stating that they’re pro gay for various reasons. The idea of the copywriting and art direction students from Miami Ad School is to have their girlfriends do it for them. That makes them pro-gay and unquestionably straight at the same time!

Using a social media platform, the girlfriends of our pro-gay ambassadors will tag them, using a Balls for Pride statement, where the cause message will be communicated. With this tag, the couple automatically shares a pair of balls on the board wall, student's digital ball pit, when the campaign bits the world record of balls in a ball pit, the digital pit will take shape out site the digital world. 

Pride week 2011 is launched, this time with the help of straight couples, breaking a world record for gay rights. A place where gay people can celebrate their sexuality in a sea of compassionate balls.

By showing that women believe in been pro-gay is a an attractive quality, the social media campaign, make it desirable for single straight man as well.


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