BBC Alive

BBC Alive


Diego Halac

Andy Truong

Elizabeth O'Keefe



Today, peoples interests are rapidly diverging, and people consume news stories just like they consume other media.  Nobody watches every show a channel has to People are only concerned with seeing the content they care about. With that in mind, BBC created a dynamic new online experience. BBC Alive. The BBC homepage will be completely customizable.  Instead of bombarding the reader with topics they do not care about, viewers can pick and choose which topics show up on the home page. A real time heat map displays where in the world trending topics are happening. A social feed will display newsworthy dialogue about topics the reader chooses. Users will be able to follow the stories they care about by pinning them directly onto their desktop. And as the story develops, users will be notified when a new article is available. Stories often take weeks or months to develop, and reading one article doesn’t paint the complete picture.  Articles will be inserted into a timeline, so readers can quickly see how each article relates to the developing story as a whole. By allowing users to create their own experience, we are making the news more relevant, personal, and updated. Readers will no longer have to sift through the news to find the topics they care about, the topics they care about will find them.


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