Let's Generate Energy from Typing.


Elton Rhee

Ludvig Pehrson

Louis Elsass Meyer


Future Lion

Elton Rhee, Ludvig Pehrson and Louis Elsass, Miami Ad School students and J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam interns, received the 2015 Cannes’s Future Lion Award for Chromebook_type.

“Chromebook_Type,” is a self-powered laptop created to help people who live without or are often unable to access electricity. The battery is powered by the energy generated from typing on the keyboard.

Google recently invested in SpaceX, an ambitious plan to deliver microsatellites across the globe and provide internet to remote areas of the world, however, quarter of the world’s population lacks electricity, meaning they still can’t access the internet. The chromebook_Type laptop would bring humanity one step closer to a world where knowledge is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Every key on the computer’s keyboard is installed with a Piezo-Electric nanogenerator that harvests energy from the pressure of typing, making it a completely self-powered laptop.

Inspired by: Google Chrome

2015 Future Lions Winner.


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