Mystic Whiskey

Packaging Design


Sidney Vlass



This assignment was to explore hand lettering in the context of telling a story on a liquor bottle that is directly inspired by early 1900s Victorian typography.

I wanted to tell the story of mystical fortune tellers during the 1900s. My whiskey would reflect the same level of allurement that the psychics did during that era. The idea of the 'all seeing eye' should be the focus for the Mystical Whiskey. The label should have a deep level of darkness and intricacy that moves your eye around, exploring every part of the mysticism.

The label uses the 'all seeing eye' as the main focal point. I drew the 'mystic' type and 'whiskey' type to create a suitable eye shape to hold the 'all seeing eye'. I chose an appropriate bone color for the label which contrasts perfectly against the dark amber whiskey. I also created a mysterious black box that the whiskey resides in. The bottle lays on a deep violet silk on one side and has two glasses on the other.


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