Social Media Campaign that Will Get You a Job!


Nuria Muñoz Ramos

Maria Pedrosa Riquelme



Inspired by Pact Coffee and Facebook, Miami Ad School students created DeliveryJob, a social media campaign designed to help young unemployed professionals to get a job by connecting them with corporate executives.

The idea is simple, on Pact Coffee Facebook page, people looking for a job will submit their contact information, job offers that the want to receive and personal work skills. Using Facebook's job description tool, we will identify prospect employers and connect them with the job seekers, once a coffee order is placed, we will post the information on Facebook and when the first person who is interested in the job text us back with the image of the post, we will give that person the opportunity to deliver the order and meet this person who might be the gatekeeper of their dream job.

DeliveryJob. Even the greatest bosses began bringing coffee.


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