Underground Library

A simple solution to bring New Yorkers back to the public libraries by using near field communication technology in the subways of New York.


Keri Tan

Max Pilwat

Ferdi Rodriguez


Chip Shop Awards

The creators of The Underground Library are Miami Ad School students from the two-year art direction and copywriting program who have no affiliation with the New York Public Library or any public library. This is purely speculative work that was developed as part of a class assignment.

Every since the creation of the Internet, the use of public libraries has been on a decline, now with the invention of smart devices, people can learn about anything, anywhere.

Well, almost anywhere.

Since the Internet does not work underground, we are going to bring New Yorkers back to the library, by given them books to read on the subway.

When passengers see the underground library placement, they will prompted to activate, near field communication technology to download a sample of a current best seller on their smart device. Passengers will receive ten pages, just enough to keep the busy during their commute. When they finish, they will get a reminder that they can continue reading the book for free at the New York public library.


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