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Courses start in January, April, July and October. Start your creative career at this top advertising school.


Miami Ad School is a global network with 16 locations. Study abroad and get a global perspective.


96% of our students spend at least one quarter getting real-world experience in an advertising agency or company.

You’re creative. You’re different. You dream of what could be.

You don’t see the world like most people. As a kid, you saw shapes of dogs, birds, monsters—while your friends saw only fluffy clouds. Sometimes being different made you feel cursed when, really, you’re blessed. It’s the creative minds that saw new things, invented tools, made discoveries. Since the dawn of history, it’s dreamers who’ve changed the world.

So, yes, you’re creative. You’re a dreamer. You’re resourceful. Because you found us, right? You did some research and asked around. Then, likely someone in the industry suggested you Google “Best Advertising Schools” to find Miami Ad School, one of the leading advertising schools in the world.


In fact, we’re a worldwide network of advertising and design schools. Students can study or intern in advertising capitals in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia. At Miami Ad School you’ll learn the skills. Then we provide the real-world experience and the network of connections you’ll need to get your creative career going fast.

But, while we’re known as an advertising school, what we really are is an idea school. We’ll help you cultivate your quirks and inform your sensibilities so you can bring your vision to life. Art director, copywriter, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, strategist, storyteller—whatever you wind up calling yourself, the world will call you an IDEA GENIUS!

Getting paid for ideas. Imagine that.


Your instructors earn their living doing what you want to do and work at some of the most interesting companies on the planet. With the latest techniques and most current knowledge on how the business works, these teachers will mold you into what the industry needs and mentor you into the ad pro you want to be.

Intern all over the world.

Over 96% of our creative students spend at least one quarter in an agency. You’ll interact with different departments, participate in pitches, work on live projects and develop your portfolio. Learn firsthand about the business, continue to build your network and get your foot in the door before you even graduate.


From brief to presentation, you’ll produce work for your portfolio and international award shows. Through our partnerships with agencies and brands you’re exposed to opportunities to build your creative reputation and network. You learn the practical skills you need to get a job and start your career in advertising.

About our global network of Advertising Schools

Miami Ad School is at the intersection of education and real-world experience. Students learn by doing from instructors who are professionals from the advertising, design and tech world. Students develop ideas and advertising campaigns, videos, social media strategies, websites, apps, products and new business models.


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Step 1 - Download and complete the application.

Step 2 - Schedule a question and answer session.

Step 3 - Show us your creative samples and complete the creative assignments.

Step 4 - Send in your application, creative samples, and application fee.


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