What Does a Creative Technologist Do?

Creative Technology: 2-Year Portfolio Program

You are a techie with creative passion and talent – or – a creative with a knack for tech. As a creative technologist you can’t just take a creative brief as a set of instructions and just “translate” it into code. You need to know just enough about programming to work with it, talk through it, and to realize prototypes.

It's about how we integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into a creative environment, how to push for innovation and how to use characteristics of entrepreneurship and start-up's in solving industry challenges. Click on a city (look left) to see our exciting creative technology courses and other program details.

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Here are some of the skills you will learn


Before you can talk to user experience team members, go to the tech nerds or put your fingers to keyboard, the ideas need to flow into a cohesive concept. Concepting will help you hone in on a solution and is the stepping stone to how you will continue with your project.


You have a concept, now you need a plan. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Found objects can be typography, architecture or art. These can influence layout and products. Take in your surroundings to help grow your design aesthetic.


Whether by code, by engineering or even 3D printer, how you execute your ideas means as much to the end product as the first spark of inspiration. Explore different mediums that accomplish the impact of your message.


Show your executed product designs, webpages or installations to your teacher and classmates. This practice will get you ready to present to your colleagues, creative director and clients in an agency or tech company while also improving your ideas with constructive critique.


How to Apply Online

Step 1 - Download and complete the application.

Step 2 - Schedule a question and answer session.

Step 3 - Show us your creative samples and complete the creative assignments.

Step 4 - Send in your application, creative samples, and application fee.


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