Our instructors are working professionals.


Johannes von Liebenstein Executive Producer, Lovestone Film GmbH Middlesex University London / Digital Film Art
Manuel Wenzel Creative Director, Aimaq von Lobenstein career changer
Sebastian Oehme Creative Director, VCCP Berlin Texterschmiede
Nat Hamon Owner, Creative Director, SLANG – Studio for graphic design Bachelor of Art and Art History, Wesleyan Universtiy, Middletown, Connecticut, USA
Philipp Loeffel Creative Director / Copywriter, freelance English and German language and literature studies at University of Cologne Copywriting at Miami Ad School
Lisa Kirchner Creative Director, ALL THAT YAY Berlin Graphic Design, Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts, Sydney Art Direction @ Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg
Gudrun Pawelke Creative Director, Büro für Ausdrucksfindung Visual Communication at University of Kassel Master Visual Communication, Arts and Media, Philosophy at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design
Lina Gruen Freelance Photographer,
Oliver Oest Managing Director, Tinkerbelle GmbH Diploma Communication Management, University of Arts, Berlin Copy Writer. Advertising Merchant IHK. Radio Producer.
Katharina Trumbach Senior Copywriter, Plantage Berlin Copywriting Programm MASB Europe
Boris Brumniak Owner, Creative Director, Gallery Print Berlin Graphic Arts / Lette-Verein Berlin
Roland Mutschler freelance Graphic Artist, Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich
Mario Gamper Freelance & Creative Director, Ideas will travel
Bjoern Bremer Chief Creative Officer & Partner, M&C Saatchi Berlin business administration, University of Applied Sciences, Kempten
Fedja Kehl Creative Director, Serviceplan Berlin Manchester Metropolitan University / Design & Art Direction Akademie U5 / Design & Art Direction
Wolfgang Reiher Freelance Photographer, freelance Best Sabel Design School Berlin

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