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This exciting new collaboration between Miami Ad School and Southampton Solent University delivers the expert tuition and creative experience you need in order to meet the advertising industry’s ever-increasing demand for new professionals with the skills it needs – an ideal blend of creativity, practicality, bilingualism and international experience.

Whether studying advertising or media production, you will have every opportunity to fully develop your unique abilities and create the kind of a fantastic creative portfolio that will dazzle potential employers. Together with an internationally recognized British honors degree, your portfolio will mark you out as a highly competitive candidate for the world’s most cutting-edge advertising agencies.

The program of study is divided into three years, with the first two taking place as part of Miami Ad School’s PORTFOLIO PROGRAM and the third year spent entirely at Southampton Solent University.


Students will take the portfolio program at Miami Ad School, covering art direction, copywriting or graphic design subjects. Classes are taught in Spanish and English at Miami Ad School’s Madrid campus.


During the second year you will have the choice whether to continue studying in Madrid or choose the “Quarter Away” option – spending up to two quarters at other schools within the Miami Ad School network (Miami, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, Hamburg, Berlin, Mumbai and Sydney).


On successfully completing the first two years of study with Miami Ad School, and meeting Southampton Solent University’s entry requirements, you will complete your studies in the UK with either the BA (Hons) Advertising or the BA (Hons) Media Production degree.

SOUTHAMPTON SOLENT UNIVERSITY focuses on the academic excellence and the delivering a balanced combination of both high-level theoretical knowledge and valuable practical skills.

First established in 1856 as a private School of Art, Southampton Solent University acquired university status in the United Kingdom in 2005 and is known around the world for its pioneering course in the creative industries. In 2014, the Which? University student survey named it one of the UK’s top 10 creative universities for the second year in a row.

Located in the city of Southampton on England’s south coast, only 120km from London (90 minutes by train), the Solent University campus offers everything a student could need: sports facilities, a range of on-site restaurants and cafes, university-owned student residences just a few minutes’ walk away, online classes and a vibrant campus community that brings together students from all over the world.

Here are some of the skills you learn in our program:


As a creative, strategy focuses your creativity. Knowing the “who” helps you with the

“what,” making smarter campaigns that hit your target.


Your classes will teach you to conceptualise creative solutions for business problems.

You’ll brainstorm with a partner on integrated campaigns, and build your portfolio.


How to make your ideas come true, with skills in motion graphics, photography

production, fiction production, and more. Innovate in the way you use traditional media,

make your portfolio stand out.


Being ahead of the time and the competition, identifying trends early, perceiving weak

signals, identifying potentials and consistently managing innovation processes.

To succeed in this business it is essential to understand company management and to

manage all those innovations and projects you are coming up with.

The cost of the bachelor program is 2.750 euros for each of the 8 quarters

The reservation fee is of 300 euros. 

The total amount for the program is 22.000 euros for the two years. 

A Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Advertising or Media Production is equivalent to a Degree in Advertising or Media Production.

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