Study and Intern in London

AKQA, London

"Working with students from Miami Ad School is a pleasure. I enjoy mentoring them. They always bring a mixture of strategic, theoretical and practical skills to every brief I set, and I enjoy helping them craft their final presentation."

-Jake Cooper, Creative Director, AKQA

AKQA, London

We had only been at AKQA a couple of days when we were given a brief for Nike.

"From day one, we felt the dynamic in AKQA. We developed a new campaign for Nike by analysing and critiquing the former one, while working with an account director and a creative director. It gave us a great insight into and understanding of the brand. We also worked on briefs for the award shows and gained an interesting perspective on them from the people we worked with.

The agency invited us to participate in the development of real-world campaigns for Nike Magista and Nike Training Club. It was clear that our ideas and input were highly appreciated and considered. To see work actually produced and going live was great. We were treated as a part of the team. Our final presentation was with the Chief Creative Officer, James Hilton. Our experience at AKQA has been great.”


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